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As you may have learned from reading my previous post, Harry and Hermione Have Moved in…Finally, this happy bird nerd was so excited to have owls in my owl box! I was so happy when I found out that Harry and Hermione had finally decided to move in, and I’ve been even more excited lately over these baby owls that I’ve been watching for the last few weeks. Yes…it’s true! Harry and Hermione had 4 cute babies that have been hanging out in my backyard.

All snuggled up waiting for their parents to come feed them! I’ve never seen anything like this before on any of my outdoor adventures. It was hard to believe I was witnessing this in my own backyard!

Such a sight to see! I occasionally have a hawk drop in for a quick visit, but not very often. Most days, my backyard is filled with Bluejays, Cardinals, Chickadees, a few random Sparrows, and lots of Doves! So as you can imagine, having just one Eastern Screech Owl in my backyard was pretty exciting.

When I realized there was an entire owl family, I was thrilled! I have recently spent lots of time in my backyard just waiting for them to leave the owl box and head out to hunt. Sadly, getting photos of owls is pretty hard, since almost all of their activity is late at night when there is no light!

With all this extra time at home due to COVID-19, I was able to get some pretty cute pictures of the babies, and if we have more babies next season, I’ll be ready with proper lenses and lighting for some night time photography!

Enjoy the pictures and video (below)! Until next time…

The video might be a little long for you non-bird nerds out there! But these baby owls sure are cute!
My daughter drew this picture at school two years ago in second grade, almost as if she knew I would be taking a similar picture in our backyard one day! Amazing, right?? I just love this drawing even more than my photo!

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