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Select The Perfect Session For Your Shoot

Every photo shoot is different, but that doesn’t mean that photo shoot pricing has to be complex.  I offer three types of sessions.  Simply pick the session that is the best fit for your situation based on the description below, and let’s get started capturing some memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about additional costs? Do I have to buy a huge package of prints?

There is nothing else you are required to purchase.  Your session fee includes delivery of digital prints (files) that are yours to print and share as you please.  You are not required to purchase a package of printed images, but you are welcome to order physical prints, canvases and other items directly from my website if desired.

What if I'm not sure what session to choose, need something special, or I have a question?

I get special requests all the time.  If you are not clear on what session is right for you, I’d be happy to help.  Just contact me and we can discuss it.  [Contact Paula]

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