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About Me

Hi! I’m Paula!

Local Photographer,
Allen Texas



Like so many people, I got started with photography taking pictures of things that I love — my kids and my dogs.  I love being able to stop time.  Nothing is better than looking back at a picture from years ago a reliving that moment.

Photography is one of those things that grabs hold of a person.  As any mom can testify, getting good pictures of kids that never sit still can be very challenging.  Once I mastered the art of capturing photos of my kids at home, I found myself with my camera at my children’s sporting events.  Soon, I was taking sport (and wildlife) pictures because I realized that I loved taking technically challenging photos.  


Like many photographers, I learned that there is much more to photography than mere technology.  Getting the perfect shot is just as much about composition as it is about Canon (or whatever camera you happen to be using).

After taking pictures for every friend in the neighborhood, I started taking camera courses and realized that I really loved that reaction you get when you brighten someone’s day with the perfect picture of someone they love.

That’s really why I take pictures.  I love photography.  I love capturing special and exciting moments that I see through my lens and the delight people feel when I get the perfect shot for them.

I Work With You To GET Your Perfect Pictures, Stress Free.

Taking pictures should be fun.  I can’t begin to tell you the number of times prospective clients have told me that they have not had a portrait taken in years because the whole idea stresses them out.    My photo shoots are all about taking the stress away and creating memories.  If you are interested in getting great pictures without the hassle, I’d love to talk to you about your next photo shoot.



I have worked with Paula on a few different occasions. She took my headshot for a byline in a magazine. She asked me a few questions about what setting I wanted and what I would be wearing and she took it from there. All I had to do was show up. It was quick, easy, and the pictures came out great!

She has also done group and individual photos for my son’s basketball team. Paula has real eye for positioning and lighting and she works quickly so the kids don’t get restless. Her action shots from the games are nothing short of amazing! All of this, plus Paula is a really nice person and fun to be around. I definitely recommend her for all situations.

Brady Cole

Blogger and Pharmacist, HelpfulPharmacist.com

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