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Family Photo Shoots

Family pictures are the best way to turn moments in time into family heirlooms.  Paula specializes in low-stress, fun outdoor sessions in the greater Allen, Texas area.

Senior Photo Shoots

They grow up so fast.  Freeze time with a set of senior photos that you and your family will cherish forever.  They only grow up once.

Sports Photo Shoots

So much of a child’s time is spent making memories on the field.  What better way to capture those memories than with a professional sports photo session.

Professional Head Shots

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Make yours with a professional outdoor head shot from Paula.

Special Events

Got something special in mind?  I love a photographic challenge.  Let me know what you have in mind, and let’s see what we can create.

Lifestyle/Newborn Pictures at Your Home

A quick and easy professional front porch session at your home in Allen is a great way to capture memories without hassle. 

Mini Session At Dayspring

A quick and easy professional 20 – 30  minute Mini Session at Dayspring Nature Preserve in Allen is a great way to capture memories.

Flexible Summer Scheduling!

Don’t see a session time available for your shoot?  Contact me and we will find a slot for you.

Summer Family Pics!

Family visiting for the summer?  Delight them with a quick and easy family photo shoot. 

Photography is a love affair with life.

Burke Uzzle

American Documentary Photographer, Life Magazine

Senior Photo Shoots

They only grow up once, and it all happens so fast.  One minute they are in preschool, and the next minute they are gone.  Senior portraits are about celebrating a time in life when anything is possible.  It’s so much more than their last year of high school.  It’s usually their last year at home, their last moments with childhood friends and the last time they see mom and dad every day.  They are at the start of something amazing, and a professional photo session  is the perfect way to document that special time.

Family Photo Shoots


Capture today for all your tomorrows.  One of the amazing things about families is that they are never the same; they’re always growing and changing.  A professional family portrait is a great way to stop time and celebrate today while creating an an heirloom that you will cherish and hand down through generations.  Photos also make great gifts for grandparents.


Sports Photo Shoots

When your children are grown, their moments on the field or court may become some of their most cherished memories.  Often times, kids carry accomplishments and lessons learned in youth sports with them for a lifetime.   This makes capturing those exciting moments all the more important.  

I’d love to come out and take action shots of your superstar and their team or create an individual session just for your child.

Professional Head Shots


You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Whether you are applying for a new job, rushing a sorority, updating your social media profile picture or printing new sales literature.  A great head shot can help you seal the deal or make a great first impression.  

I think the best looking head shots happen outside of the studio, and that is where I focus my work.  If you are looking for an amazing low-stress head shot experience, send me a message.

Lifestyle/Newborn Photo Shoots

There’s nothing more precious than a newborn.  But they are only newborns for a moment.  The sleepy stage during their first couple of weeks is the perfect time for these photo shoots.  It seems like they grow up over night.  All you need are some cute blankets and some fluffy pillows and you’re ready for your photo session.

Capturing sweet, sleepy images of your newborn baby is amazing, and you will end up with a gallery of photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Milestone/Birthday Photo Shoots

Sometimes special events happen in our lives that we want to remember forever.  If you have a special milestone event coming up, consider capturing that memory with professional candid and posed photos.  

From birthday parties, graduation celebrations to gender reveals, some of the most exciting pictures I take are the ones that show the pure joy we find when we celebrate our accomplishments and special milestones.  I’d love to help you capture some pictures of those celebrations for you.

Special Photo Shoots

While Paula specializes in family, senior, and sports photo shoots in and around Allen, she is always interested in special (or surprise) photo projects.  

 If you are interested in a special photo shoot not listed on the website (like taking secret engagement photos while hiding in the bushes or capturing candids at a fundraiser), just send me a message and let’s have a discussion.  

About Paula Mason Photography

I am a local photographer specializing in family, senior, and sports photo shoots.  My goal, apart from getting the perfect shot for you, is to make your photo shoot easy and fun.  

I love shooting outdoors in the many colorful and scenic locations in and around Allen, Texas. Check out my locations page to see some of the beautiful places you can meet me for your photo shoot!

Paula’s Recent Work

Getting Great Photos Doesn’t Have To Be Hard  

I believe that getting amazing pictures of the people that you love should be easy.  I offer several photo session packages designed expecially for you and your family. From family and senior photo sessions to simple professional head shots to sports action to festive Christmas card pictures, photoshoots should be relaxing and fun.    I love taking pictures, and I’d be honored to take yours.

Let’s make some amazing memories

Start Making Memories Today!

Working with Paula to have family photos taken was such a breath of fresh air!  First off, she has such a keen eye.  From the perfect lighting to the backgrounds, she knew the exact locations that were perfect for our photo shoot. I love that Paula was so detail-oriented, making sure everything looked just right, and I truly appreciated her being so patient with us.  Our photo shoot was relaxed and fun–all thanks to her!

When we received our photos, I was beyond pleased!  She captured our family perfectly!  The pictures are high-quality, and I can’t begin to tell you how many compliments we received on our family photo for our Christmas card.  Paula was so easy to work with throughout the entire process.  Having family photos taken can be stressful, but she was professional, made us comfortable and produced an amazing set of photos for us that we will treasure forever!

Cathy T

Preschool Teacher

What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

Karl Lagerfeld

Creative Director, Artist and Photographer, Chanel, Fendi and Lagerfeld

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