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It’s hard to plan photo sessions in Texas because you just can’t predict the weather! Sometimes it’s crazy windy, sometimes it’s boiling hot, sometimes it’s rainy and humid, but sometimes it’s perfect. Sometimes…

Other times, it looks perfect, and the day is overcast with just the right lighting, but the temperature is crazy cold (and it’s kind of windy)! I had several sessions over the last few months with very cold temperatures. So what should you do if you wake up on the morning of your session and it’s freezing?

Should you cancel? Of course not! Well, as long as your photographer is willing to brave the cold, then I say GO FOR IT. Nothing brightens the cheeks like a brisk wind at 8:00 in the morning, right? Bring a blanket! A big, warm, fuzzy one. I took so many cute blanket pictures this past season because of the weather. A cute blanket is almost as good as a cute hat. It totally changes the look of the pictures.

And what fun! For something different, right? If this happens to you, just grab a cute blanket (or a couple of blankets depending on how many people will be in your picture), and head on out to your photo session. Even if you end up not using the blanket in the photos, you can wrap up in the blanket in between shots. It never hurts to have a blanket!

Luckily, shivering and teeth chattering, don’t show up in pictures. However, a couple of times I’ve had kids with lips that turn blue – that is very hard to edit out.

I had lots of great cold photo sessions this season with so many wonderful families! So if it’s cold on the morning of your photo session, message your photographer and make sure they are willing to still meet you even if it’s freezing outside. And if I’m your photographer, you can bet on the fact that I will be there – come rain or shine! Or even sleet and freezing rain like we are currently experiencing.

A cute little family session in the ice and snow! Fun, right? Cold, but fun. And I’d be willing to bet that there would not be any other families or photographers we would have to share our space with!

We braved this crazy Texas ice to get this precious picture. I only slipped once…

If you need some updated family photos, reach out to me through my website. I’d be happy to help you out. And maybe, the weather will be a little bit warmer by the time we meet.

As always, you can find me over at Paula Mason Photography!

Until next time…

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