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It’s time to start thinking about family photos, so if you’re ready but just not sure where to take them, how about Davis Park down in Dallas? It is a beautiful hidden gem deep in Highland Park. It’s got all the things most people love in their family photos. It’s got a stone bridge, a few stone staircases, an accessible creek area , and lots of beautiful trees.

You might be thinking that Dallas is a bit far, especially if you’re here in Allen where I am. But believe me when I say it’s worth the drive.

The bridges are amazing. They are made of stone, so they have a completely different look from the bridges around my neighborhood here in Allen. And if you’re up for exploring a little bit, there are several trails that branch off from the paved sidewalks and wind around near the creek and the staircases.

The creek is very easy to get to, so don’t worry if you are planning on wearing your fancy shoes. Or, if you prefer, we can take all your pictures on the paved trails and the bridges. But I’m always up for a picture in the creek. Those are usually some of my favorites!

So if you’re ready to meet me at Davis Park, let me know. As always, you can find me over at Paula Mason Photography. Just let me know how I can help you.

Still not sure? Why don’t you read the blog I wrote after this extended family session at Davis Park a few years ago. It was so much fun. And be sure to read the sign in the picture at the bottom of the post. We had totally blocked so many sidewalks during our session, but it wasn’t until we were finished that I noticed the sign. Oops…

Davis Park is perfect for family photos. I promise, you’ll be glad you made the drive to Dallas for your session!

Until next time…

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