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I enjoy all of my photo shoots, but this particular photo shoot was extra special, because the client was my sister and her immediate and extended family! She lives away from me, so I’m never able to take family photos for her Christmas card. In the past, she texts me cell phone/selfie pics of her family and has me edit them for her Christmas card. Can you imagine how painful that is for me?

But, flying to Chicago to take a family photo for her just hasn’t worked out yet. Someday, maybe. However, this year, she and her family were here over Thanksgiving (wearing masks, of course). All of her extended family is here in Dallas, so she flew in with her husband and two kids to see us all! We were both so excited, because she was going to be here for about 2 weeks – – plenty of time to schedule and execute a family photo session! Finally….

We met at a beautiful location down in Dallas, a spot I used to ride my bike to during summers to explore and splash in the creek. I hadn’t been down there in quite a while, and it seemed like not much had changed. There’s still the same little “cliff” I used to sit on with my bestie, several trails down to the creek, and the wonderful old stone bridges and stairs.

An absolutely perfect location for an extended family photo session. We weren’t the only family with this great idea, either. We had to work around a few photo bombers, lots of families walking dogs, and so many kiddos racing through the park on their bikes.

The photo session was perfect! We had great weather, a beautiful backdrop, and everyone was in a good mood, happy to get their picture taken together. There was only one problem that we didn’t notice until the end of the photo shoot. It was a sign that read “The blocking of sidewalks and the photographic use of set dressings, props, equipment, etc., is prohibited.”

Pretty sure we blocked a few sidewalks and a couple of bridges! In fact, we almost got run over a few times by the kiddos racing through the park on their bikes. Good thing they don’t have a special jail for photographers who break this rule. Or do they???

Anyway…it was a very special photo shoot for me. Here’s hoping my sister thinks I’m a good enough photographer to fly in every year for family photos. Wouldn’t that be something?

Happy holidays everyone! Hope you have all gotten your family photos taken by now. If I can help you, contact me through my webpage. But you better hurry, time is running out!

Until next time…

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