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I wrote a blog post a while back about how important I think it is to be sure to capture the in between moments in sports photography titled “Don’t Forget the Quiet Moments in Between All the Action Shots,” and I go back to read this again and again when I need a reminder that sometimes the “action,” or the best shot is happening in the dugout (or on the sideline depending on your sport).

My sports photography is mostly baseball, basketball, and soccer, so I have trained myself to always be watching the dugout and the soccer and basketball sidelines. Many times there is something wonderful and sweet happening in those places. I just love the honest and real expressions I am able to capture when a child is intently watching their teammate or listening to their coach.

It’s very hard for me not to get caught up in all the action that takes place on the field, but as a photographer, I need to be sure to tell the whole story. Not just what happens out on the field during a game.

If there is a time out or a pause in the game for whatever reason, have your camera ready! This is when I get some of my favorite shots. Sports photography doesn’t mean just the action shots. In between the crazy plays, when everyone is taking a moment while a new pitcher warms up, someone retrieves a foul ball, or when players are moving from the field back to the dugout.

One of the parents on a baseball team that I photograph told me that his favorite photo from the tournament was the one where he was standing with his son at first base waiting on a new pitcher to warm up. I just happened to glance over and see them standing together and snapped a few pictures.

I know that the photos I have of my husband on the field coaching my son are some of my favorites, so when I took the above pictures, I was hoping this dad would enjoy these pics as much as I would. And I was right…he loved them!

Trust me on this! After missing several very special moments, I’ve learned my lesson. Always be watching – and not just where the action is. If I can help you out with some sports photography or family photos, you can find me over at Paula Mason Photography. Just let me know how I can help you.

Until next time…

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