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Everyone, myself included, always loves the action shots in sports photography. You know…the money shots. Your child scoring a goal in soccer, catching a pop-fly, tagging someone out at the plate, or throwing a perfect curve ball when they’re pitching.

Sometimes though, I have to remind myself not to forget about the moments in between the epic plays!

Oh the disappointment after injuring your knee so badly that you have to sit out the rest of the game…

Those moments tell another part of the sports story. Sometimes a celebration because of a win, or moments of disappointment due to a loss. But either way, still part of the story.

I do love a great shot of my son sliding in to home plate and my daughter diving to make an epic save as goalie! In fact, that’s mostly what I shoot. But every now and then, I remember to watch for the quiet moments.

Those times in the dug out or on the sidelines when it seems nothing is happening, but really, you can see an entire story in their faces or their body language.

Don’t forget about those moments! The action is great, but so are the quieter times you capture that make you wonder what they’re thinking, or what they’re talking about with their teammates.

What’s your favorite type of shot in sports photography? Let me know!

Until next time…

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