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Finally…baseball season is here. We had a nice, long break over Christmas, and now we’re finally back at it. In addition to taking pictures of lots of families and high school seniors, one of my favorite things to photograph is my son playing baseball. This began way back when he was barely taller than the bat… And now here we are, second semester of his freshman year and he’s playing for his high school team.

Not only has my son and his game changed and grown quite a bit, but so has my photography. When I started, I had a relatively inexpensive camera with a built in, digital zoom lens, and I thought I was an amazing photographer taking pictures of an amazing baseball player.

Wrong on both accounts. My son and I both had lots of learning and growing to do before becoming who we are today! Today we are a pretty good photographer and an amazing baseball player. It’s been fun to follow him on this journey with my camera at my side.

My baseball photography skills were a little rusty at his first scrimmage last night, because I have spent the last month photographing families and wildlife! The baseball season is now underway, and I’m sure by the end of it, I will have shot thousands of great photos from his baseball games. Here’s hoping I continue to improve my photography skills, as well as learn more about the game logistics so I have some idea of where the action is going to happen!

Lucky for me, baseball is a bit more predictable than other sports I’ve photographed, so I’d like to think that I won’t miss too much of the action. My camera and I felt happy and in the right place last night at the game. Excited to see what this season brings, and also what lens I start to wish I had as I continue to take pictures at all of his games!

If I can help you out with some sports photos of your child doing his or her thing, you can find me over at Paula Mason Photography! Send me a message and let’s get something scheduled.

Until next time…

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