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Senior sessions are so much fun, but when you get asked to do a senior session for twins, you can count on double the fun! I was so excited to have the opportunity to photograph these two girls. I had taken senior pictures for their brother a few years ago, so I was happy to get to meet the two sisters I had heard all about.

Twins! When I was younger, I always thought I wanted a twin sister. I had an older sister and a younger sister, but there seemed to be something magical about twins! They always seem to have their own communication that only they understood.

And what about toys and clothes? You’d have all of your own toys and clothes, and those of your twin to share with you, right? Well…I’m sure it’s not that simple. And I’m pretty sure my mom was glad she did not have two of me! At least when I was a little trouble-maker. These days, having two of me might not be so bad…

This senior session was so fun. We started off at Adriatica, one of my favorite places for a senior session. There are so many fun spots to take pictures, and most of the places make it look like you’re on a vacation somewhere in a neat little town. On this day, however, Adriatica was pretty crowded! We had to work pretty hard to find spots without photo bombers in the background.

There was a surprise engagement session happening right in one of the best spots. There was a photographer, the two getting engaged, and about 25 friends and family members hiding all about in different spots to watch the big event.

After they guy proposed, the all jumped out to celebrate. Then they were all roaming around Adriatica having a good old time while we struggled to find some hidden spots for our senior session. It was hard, but we managed!

After getting some fun shots at Adriatica, we headed over to McKinney. This is where it really got fun. By this point, I had spent enough time with the girls that they were more comfortable with me, and this is where I started to see their individual personalities shine!

It was so fun. It’s amazing to me that twins can be so much alike, but they can also be so very different in so many ways. These two were exactly that – so much alike, but totally different as well. And like always, I love it when everyone gets more relaxed with me and my camera and we are able to stark “striking some poses” for the camera!

I enjoyed my time with these two girls and their sweet mom who was also willing strike a few poses for some of our silly pictures. Because who has ever seen a Charlie’s Angels picture with only two angels? Not me! So their mom jumped right in to fill the roll of Charlie’s third angel. And of course, like always, the silly pictures during a senior session are almost always my favorites!

Two beautiful girls headed to two different, very lucky schools! I’m so excited for both of them and their next chapters. It will be fun to follow their journey. So happy I got to be a tiny part of it!

If I can help you with family, senior, sports, or any special pictures for your family, you can find me over at Paula Mason Photography.

Until next time…

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