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I know I told you all about the pregnancy announcement session I had a while back in my post titled The Best News Ever: My First Pregnancy Announcement Photo Session, and about how much fun it was to spread this kind of news. Well…it gets even better. What’s better than announcing a pregnancy, you ask? Well…how about a gender reveal photo session??

Yep…this might’ve been even more fun than the pregnancy announcement session. I wasn’t sure at all what to expect, because this was another first for me. I had never done a gender reveal photo session, but I was very excited to see what this was all about.

Back in my day, you got the sonogram picture, the doctor told you if it was a boy or a girl, and you called your family and friends and let them know. Or…you simply bought pink or blue outfits/toys for your baby and people automatically knew, or people found out just from seeing your nursery. Now if you went with yellow instead of pink or blue, people just had to guess.

These days, mom and dads to be have an entire party to celebrate finding out whether their baby is a boy or a girl. In this case, the parents to be were planning to shoot off confetti canons. And you guessed it – the confetti out of the canon was going to be either blue or pink.

So as I packed my camera bag to head to the session, I was thinking about which lens I should use, did I need a flash, should I also set up a video camera?? So many things to consider… Luckily, this gender reveal was taking place outside in the front yard! Hooray…they decided on this because outside has good lighting, right? Wrong…they decided to do this outside because of all this crazy COVID stuff happening.

Also, shooting off confetti canons in the house did not seem like the best idea. But being outside allowed people to drive up and watch from a distance. For this gender reveal, we had people spread out across the front yard, some people in the street, and several people watching from their cars.

What a perfect idea! And as I brought the couple into focus during their countdown, realizing that I had one chance only to capture their true reactions to this, I crossed my fingers and whispered to my camera – – “Please focus on their faces and don’t get distracted by the confetti. Please, please, please…”

And just like that, the moment was over, and we were all covered in bright blue confetti! Baby boy is on his way, and I cannot wait to get in there to take some newborn photos of him! I love him already…

If I can help you with your gender reveal photos, family photos, or a senior session, please let me know. You can find me at Paula Mason Photography.

Until next time…

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