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I had a great time last week at Bethany Lakes Park testing out my new lens that I got for Christmas. Santa was very good to me this year. This new Canon 600mm lens allows me to stay quite a distance away from birds, ducks, and other animals, while still getting a pretty impressive shot! I’ve never had a fixed lens to shoot wildlife, so this is definitely a skill I need to continue to work on.

I’m used to going on wildlife photo adventures with my 200-600mm lens for wildlife (attached to a Sony camera), and I’m able to zoom out to “find” the birds, and then I zoom back in for the shot I want! And one more thing to learn with this new lens Santa brought me is the camera.

This amazing lens fits my Canon R5, a camera I’ve only had for a few weeks now. The combination of the lens and the camera is great, and I’m very excited to learn how to use it.

The Canon R5 a mirrorless camera, so it’s lightweight compared to some other cameras I’ve used in the past. A new focus system, a new lens, and a new year! Here’s to getting out with this setup and learning to use animal eye auto focus and all the other great things that this new Canon R5 offers me.

Sorry if I overload my feed for the next several weeks with wildlife shots. The fixed 600mm lens isn’t exactly a good choice for photo sessions or portraits, so I’ll be focusing on birds for a while.

Hope Santa brought you all the cameras and lenses you want and need for your photographic journey. If I can help you with family photos, or photos of any sort, you can contact me via my website. Enjoy your journey, whatever it may be.

Until next time…

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