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Children make everything more fun and exciting! Right? I had the privilege of taking some front porch photos for the Kim family recently, and as always, meeting their sweet kiddos was my favorite part.

This brother and sister duo were a bit shy at first, but once they warmed up to me and my camera, they eagerly told me all about their secret lairs in the little tree in their front yard. It reminded me of all the tree forts I had when I was a kid in the all the trees in my yard and throughout my neighborhood.

Front porch photos are so fun, because it gives me the opportunity to get to know clients on a different level. These people invite me to their home and allow me to photograph them in their special space. It’s always fun to see the different houses and the cute little neighborhoods people are tucked away in.

This particular neighborhood had such awesome trees. The Kim’s yard had two giant trees in the yard, and one very small, very special tree in the corner of the yard. This was where the kids had created their lairs. Each child had a special section of the tree that was just theirs. So we agreed that it would be fun to take pictures of each of them in their lair.

I imagine that by picture time next year, there will be a rope ladder hanging from this giant tree!

So, up they went, and were very happy to pose in the little tree. Pictures on the ground, in boring old poses, wasn’t nearly as much fun as finding the perfect spot in the tree. I could see though, that it won’t be long before they “graduate” to the larger trees in their yard, and their lairs might become more complicated – you know…adding a ladder or a knotted rope.

I’m pretty sure when I take their family photos next year, I’m going to need a step ladder, because I’m pretty sure they will have found a way up into one of their larger trees! Do you have a great place for some “front porch photos”? If so, let me know how I can help you.

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Until next time…

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