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A few weeks ago, I was at White Rock Lake for a short visit to cheer on (and photograph) my nephew who was running in the BMW Dallas Marathon. What a beautiful park.

I have been there many times to ride my bike around the lake. It’s about 9 miles around the lake, and if you venture off onto the neighborhood roads, you can add on quite a few miles to make a nice, long (and sometimes hilly) ride.

This time, however, I was there on foot with my camera. I was in search of feathered friends to photograph.

Not only did I find some feathered friends, but I also saw boats, people, and was reminded of just how much I enjoy that area for hiking and biking.

If you are nearby, I highly recommend visiting the lake. I’ve enjoyed it both on foot, on a bike, and in a car. All every enjoyable, but being on foot or on a bike is preferred for me.

And after circling the lake with my camera, I’m excited at the thought of a photoshoot down there sometime. So many beautiful places for family photos.

Hmmm…maybe next year’s Christmas card will be taken down there. Wonder how thrilled my family will be when they find out we’ll need to drive down to Dallas to take our Christmas card pictures? I’ll let you know how that goes over.

In the meantime, head on down to White Rock and hike, bike, or drive around. Let me know what you think!

Until next time…

Above is one of my favorite images. So many ducks and birds flying all around the lake. Not this guy – – he was sitting just quietly on a log all by himself. So very peaceful…

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