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I had the pleasure of meeting Avery last week for the first time.  After spending a couple of hours with her, and taking her picture, I know exactly how I want my daughter to be when she grows up!  What a beautiful young lady.

One of my favorite pictures of Avery holding a baby picture and a pair of her dance shoes! I’m very excited to do something similar to this with my daughter when she’s a senior.

I’m so happy that her mom approached me about a Senior Photo Shoot.  I had taken pictures of my nieces and nephews over the years when they were seniors, and when they graduated college, but I had never done an official Senior Photo Shoot with someone who wasn’t a relative.  I was excited for this new challenge!

And how fortunate for me it happened to be with someone like Avery.  She is a wonderful, beautiful, talented, and confident young woman.  Taking her picture was easy.  By the end of our photo shoot, I felt like I had made a new friend.  She was so easy to talk to, and the love you could see between her and her mom was heart-warming.

I’ve seen videos of Avery dancing, and believe me when I tell you that this girl is talented! I loved seeing how she lit up when she put on her dance costume!

Avery also brought her friend, Grace along.  Grace was just as wonderful as Avery, and the friendship between the two of them was precious!  The only part of the session that was disappointing was that I did not bring my daughter, Morgan along with me.  She would definitely have left with 2 new friends.

After Morgan saw the pictures of Avery, she decided she is ready to start taking dance lessons and go shopping for some new dresses and earrings.  You know, so she can “be like Avery.”  And as soon as I told her about what a lovely young lady Avery is, she immediately brought out one of her favorite dolls and named her Avery.

Loved every minute of this photo session, and I’m excited to hear all about Avery’s first year at college.  I know her Mom will keep me up to date on all the exciting things she’s doing!

Look out, Oklahoma…this girl’s going places!  I’m excited for my next senior photo session.  Whoever it is with, I will need to warn them that they have some big shoes to fill!  Until next time…



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