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I had so much fun recently shooting some senior pictures in Historic Downtown McKinney. Downtown McKinney is a favorite spot for many reasons, but it can often be crowded (with both people and parked cars), but for my last few sessions, I have hit it at the perfect time! The lighting was great and there weren’t too many people around.

It doesn’t always happen this way though. Sometimes it’s so crowded with people and cars that you spend a lot of time waiting for traffic or groups of shoppers to pass so they’re not in the background of your picture.

Even so, I love shooting in downtown areas because there are so many different buildings, alleyways, and store fronts to use as backdrops. McKinney has brick buildings with tons of character, colorful murals, and a few spots of beautiful greenery. But mostly, it is buildings, a few tables & benches, and lots of fun alleyways. It’s the perfect spot for senior pictures for high school or college graduates.

It can be tough finding a quiet spot to shoot in downtown areas, but we lucked out and found some hidden gems. I always suggest scheduling a “city” shoot for an early morning or late afternoon when the crowds are lighter. In Downtown McKinney, morning sessions are my favorite, for family and senior pictures.

It’s fun to pick a starting point and just roam around the square, taking pictures when we see the perfect spot or the perfect lighting. And there’s never a shortage of nooks and crannies to pose in. There are also a couple of spots here in Allen that give off that same downtown vibe. Is that the look you’re hoping for?

If you’re in the McKinney area and looking for a unique and trendy spot for your next photoshoot, downtown is the way to go! And for all the seniors out there, it’s the perfect spot to capture some fun memories as you embark on your next journey. So pack a duffle bag with your outfits and props, and meet me in the downtown square.

It is time for the Class of 2024 to start thinking about (and scheduling) your senior pictures! My fall schedule is online and filling up fast. Just let me know how I can help! You can schedule your session easily over at Paula Mason Photography.

Until next time…

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