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Recently, I had a session with my sister and her family down at the creek near our houses.  I know…a creekside mini session in February?  Sounds crazy, right?

Well, they needed new family pictures, and I needed a family that was brave enough to head into the creek for a few photos I could use to advertise my upcoming Creekside Mini Sessions! She volunteered her family, and I was so excited. They were such troopers.  We were fortunate, because on this day, it was actually quite nice out (about 65 degrees and sunny).  

Unfortunately, the water was still VERY cold!  But like I said, they were troopers and agreed to take their shoes off and get in the shallow part of the creek. That lasted all of about 3 minutes!  In that 3 minutes, I snapped away as fast as I could until one of them slipped and fell in the mud!  Oops…

But don’t worry…we got some very cute pictures. After that, we climbed out of the creek, up the side of the bank, and back up the trail to dry land! Sounds like fun, right?  If you’re up for a Creekside Mini Session to get some updated family photos, or just some cute pictures of your kiddos in the creek, be on the lookout for a post with information about Creekside Mini Sessions. We will open up scheduling for them in March and take the pictures in April.

We finally made it out of the creek to a nice, dry spot!

No need to worry about slipping on the muddy banks when you come for your Creekside Mini Session. We went adventuring to find a new, easily accessible spot for these pictures, and we found it! A perfect, serene spot with a flat, gravel area to take pictures in with an amazing bridge in the background. You can stay dry on the bank, or take off your shoes and wade in the crystal clear creek! And there are plenty of flat stones for your kids to skip after we get some fun pictures.

I hope you’re ready to get have a great time in the creek with me sometime in April! Excited to see some of you creekside soon!  If you need me, you can find me over at Paula Mason Photography!

Until next time…

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