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Many people reach out to me asking about my Mini Sessions that I offer with questions about what this means exactly. Well, let me explain it to you, and then you can decide if this session is right for you. I offer Mini Sessions all year long, and often times, photographers only offer these for special occasions. You’ll see ads for Mini Sessions for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Holiday Photos, and many more.

I decided to offer Mini Sessions year-round because a lot of times, a family (or an individual ) only needs a few pictures. Maybe you just need to update the family photo on your mantle. Or maybe, you have teenagers who do not want their picture taken, and you’re sure that a 45 minute session will be too much!

It could be that work, sports, and school schedules are just too crazy to find an entire hour when everyone is free. So that’s where Mini Sessions come in handy! And from my end, they are also much easier to schedule because it only takes about an hour out of my day, and editing a gallery from Mini Sessions is much faster than the larger galleries I edit.

Mini Sessions that aren’t a special event are always at the same place near my house, so it’s easy to hop over quickly for a few photos. But throughout the year, I like to offer Mini Sessions at various parks in and around the Allen area, so always be on the look out for those.

My next special Mini Sessions will be in (and on the banks of) the creek near my house! Yep…we have decided to host Creek Side Mini Sessions this spring, so if that speaks to you, be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram (Paula Mason Photography and Paula Mason Photo), as that is where I’ll be advertising them. They will be quick and lots of fun, and you’ll end up with a gallery of about 10-15 digital pictures to use.

The best ways to use Mini Sessions (in my opinion) is for headshots, cap & gown photos (if you’ve already done senior pictures), pictures with your pet(s), or for a quick updated family photo. But don’t let my ideas restrict you – I’ve done several Mini Sessions for special birthdays (with those giant number balloons), and I did a really neat session recently with a teenager who wanted some cool pictures playing his Cello.

If you can dream it up, and can meet me over at Dayspring Nature Area, I can take the pictures for you! You can find me over at Paula Mason Photography. If you’d like to be added to my email list so you’ll get advance notice of special Mini Sessions, feel free to reach out to me.

Our next big adventure over here at Paula Mason Photography will be Creek-side Mini Sessions I mentioned above. So be on the lookout for a scheduling link. In the meantime, I’ll be taking lots of 2023 Senior pictures!

Until next time…

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