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Choosing the location for your family photos is always lots of fun, at least for me! I love the part of my job that I call location scouting. I’ve come across so many fun places for family pictures. Sometimes, the location I go to check out aren’t great for photos, but almost all of them have a decent place to hike around with my camera.

Recently, I headed out to Lake Grapevine to an area called Murrell Park. What a wonderful discovery. It’s amazing what you can find when you take a moment to slow down and explore all the beautiful places around you.

I had heard about this place a few times from photographer friends, as well as Rockledge Park. But I had never taken the time to drive to Lake Grapevine to check them out. Too bad… The minute I pulled into the parking areas, I knew I had discovered a new and amazing “Happy Place” for me to adventure to.

I did not come prepared for such a find at all. I had a water bottle, but it was a small one, and for some reason I chose not to lug my camera backpack with me. So here I was, in paradise, without the proper hiking gear to go explore these beautiful areas.

Well…all that means to me is that now I have to go back. And this time, I will have ALL the camera gear, lots of water, proper hiking boots, and a picnic lunch. Because I just know at some point on an adventure in these magical places, I will encounter the perfect picnic rock, so I want to be prepared!!

It was so fun exploring these two parks. I went during the middle of the day, and I had almost the entire area to myself. It was so peaceful. Almost like I was on vacation somewhere. At my second stop of the morning, Rockledge Park, I discovered that you can rent kayaks (and other fun water toys) there.

I’m the proud owner of two beautiful kayaks, but transporting them is not the easiest thing. I’m pretty sure I’m going to head over there again soon and rent some kayaks. I’d love to get some pictures from out on the water.

Back to business…if you’re looking for a unique place to take your family photos, and you don’t mind a 20-30 minute drive, let’s meet over in this area for some fun, adventure-filled family photos! And if it’s not too cold, let’s take our shoes off and wade in the shallow water for some pictures!

Are you up for something like that? If you are, I sure am. Just let me know when you want to meet. If you’re ready to schedule a Standard or Deluxe Session at either of these locations, you can reach out to me over at Paula Mason Photography. Can’t wait to take your family photos!

Until next time…

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