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Hard to believe that it is already time to start thinking about senior pictures for the class of 2023! I know it seems early, but trust me when I tell you that it’s never too early to schedule these senior sessions. If you’re new to this idea, and this is your first child, read on, and I’ll tell you all about what you need to know for your senior session.

Deluxe Sessions for senior pictures is the most popular session I offer. Do you remember your senior year? It is such an amazing time in your child’s life – they are about to embark on a brand new journey. Whether that be college, a new job, living in a new city/state, it’s certainly a time to be documented.

In addition, a senior photo session is a great way to celebrate a wonderful accomplishment. Your senior has worked hard for many years to get to this point and they’ve spent the last 4 years studying, playing sports, singing in choir, marching in the band, participating in school club activities and much more. Now it’s time to celebrate their graduation with a fun senior photo session.

The best part about a senior session is that they are tailored to your special senior. Was your senior in the band? Then bring her instrument to your session. Was your senior a baseball player? Then how about a bat and ball, and a few of his favorite hats? A dancer, you say? Well, bring her tutu and ballet slippers!

The possibilities are endless! These sessions can be designed however you want. Not sure what to do? Well let’s chat about your senior. Once you schedule a session, you will receive a questionnaire asking all about your senior. The more information you can give me about your child, the easier it is to design a session specifically for your senior.

What Types of Sessions Are Offered for Seniors?

  1. Standard Session – This package works great for simple senior sessions in a single location with one simple outfit change (think letter jacket, etc…). These sessions last about 45 minutes and take place at a single location.
  2. Deluxe Session – This package works great for full senior sessions that include 2 locations, and 1-2 outfit changes. These sessions last about 90 minutes to 2 hours usually at 2 different locations.

Are you simply interested in some professional photos for a graduation announcement? No problem! If that’s the case, then you probably just need a Standard Session because outfit changes aren’t necessary. But if you’re looking for specialized pictures of your senior in several outfits, with props (think sports equipment, band instruments, etc…) then let’s schedule you a Deluxe Session. This way we’ll have plenty of time to visit multiple locations and time to change outfits! Detailed information about pricing for these sessions can be found on my website at Paula Mason Photography.

What Should We Bring to Our Session?

  1. Water/Snacks
  2. Hairspray/hairbrush
  3. Change of clothes (for Deluxe Sessions)
  4. Props: Think of the activities or interests you want to highlight in your photos. Were you on a sports team? Do you like to paint/draw? Bring some things that will show your personality! Be creative. Whatever you want in your photos, we can work it in!
  5. Other Family Members: If you want some sibling pictures or pictures with mom & dad, be sure those family members join us for our session.
  6. Blanket: A cute blanket goes a long way in photos. There are always fun spots for seated photos, so if you have a cute/fun blanket, bring it.
  7. College Shirt: If college is where you’re headed next, and you’re scheduling a Deluxe Session, be sure to bring a t-shirt from your college.
  8. College Acceptance Letter: Did you recently get accepted to the college of your dreams? If so, bring your letter of acceptance. We can certainly work it into a few of your pictures.
  9. Glitter: How much do you love the senior pictures with glitter? I love them! If you do too, be sure to bring some glitter. The chunky kind works best for photos, and they also offer environmentally friendly glitter! If you prefer the powder, then that is fine too. Both look really fun in photos!!
  10. Anything else you can think of that you want in your photos! Bring it all!!

Once you are all finished with your senior session, you will receive a gallery of photos that are yours to use as you please. Throughout your child’s senior year, you will be asked to send in a recent photo of your graduate for various reasons – awards ceremonies, senior banquets, and slideshows for various occasions. Once you have your gallery, you won’t have to worry about where to find a picture of your senior – they will all be right there for you when you need them.

Once spring arrives, and you receive your cap and gown, you can schedule a mini-session with me for cap and gown photos! This is quick and easy – 20 minutes at Dayspring Nature Area in Allen, or if you have already done a senior session with me, I will meet you at your high school! These Cap & Gown Mini Sessions don’t last long, so schedule these as soon as you know when you’ll be getting your cap and gown.

If you’re ready to schedule a session, you can contact me through my website over at Paula Mason Photography. Let me know how I can help! And congrats to your senior on his/her graduation!

Until next time…

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