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There are so many moving parts to a family photo session, and most families (especially those I’ve never met before) usually have quite a few questions for me prior to their session. One very common question I receive from families is “Can/should we bring our dog with us to our session?”

The answer: YES! If you’re like me, and you love your 4-legged friends so much and treat them like they are one of your kiddos, then YES! Bring your dog to your family photo session so he/she can be in your family pictures with you. If you’re worried that bringing a dog to your family photo session will add to the chaos, you are right.

Dogs are always very excited to be out with their family as well as all the squirrels, bunnies and new smells that they encounter while at the park. So yes…the level of chaos with be a bit higher, but if you have small children under the age of 7 or so, you probably won’t notice much difference! So bring your dog. The chaos is fun!

To make things easier for you (and me), when you bring your dog(s) to your session, just be sure to bring a bowl for water and a long leash. We will snap some pictures of you and your family with your dog at the beginning of the session, and then we can keep your dog on the leash near us, while we take some pictures without the dog(s).

You’ll never regret having pictures of your dog, but you will regret not having pictures of your dog one day. So schedule your photo session, then take your pup(s) to be groomed so they’ll be picture ready for your session!

If you’re bringing your pup(s) with you to a session for Christmas cards, you might want to check out this Pinterest link with tons of cute ideas for how to dress your pup up for a holiday family photo. When in doubt, Pinterest is a great resource!

But just remember…sometimes the pups can steal the show, so be prepared to share the limelight with your 4-legged friends!

If I can help you out with family photos, or photos of your pup(s), you can find me over at Paula Mason Photography. Just send me a message, and we’ll get something set up!

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