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The blog title might lead you to believe that this post is about being a family photographer, but it is actually more specifically about being a family photographer in Texas! Because being a family photographer is one thing, but being a family photographer in any city in Texas is another thing! The very popular phrase that comes to mind is “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait a minute!”

That has been such a true statement, especially lately! Finding a time to schedule with a family photographer is hard enough with all the sports and after school activities we all have going on in our lives these days, and when you try to factor in weather, that’s a whole new issue to deal with!

Check out the sweet pictures below. You’d never know that this poor family was so cold during this shoot. The temps dropped so fast, and when you factor in the wind that is always blowing at Adriatica, I’m sure you can imagine how cold we all were.

I try not to consider the weather too much when scheduling. I schedule family, senior and sports sessions and then hope for the best weather ever. And sometimes, that happens. Other times, I will shoot a session on Saturday where everyone is so hot and sweaty, and then show up for another session the next day, and we’re all freezing because the temps have gone from 75 degrees to 35 in one day!

This means that there is no reason to wait to schedule your photo session because there is absolutely now way (in Texas) to predict what the weather is gonna be like. Unless, of course, your session is in the summer. Then I’m pretty sure it will be hot…

How do you pick out your outfits though if you’re not sure what the weather is gonna be like? Well…my best advice is to wear the outfit you want in your pictures, but be sure to have some layers ready and bring them with you in case the temps are not what you thought they’d be.

Believe it or not, all the pictures in the collage below, were taken on a crazy weather day! In all of these pictures it was either really hot and muggy or freezing cold or crazy windy. Can you tell which is which? It might surprise you, because one of the pictures, taken in November, was one of the hottest, muggiest shoots ever! Crazy, right? Seems strange to be taking photos for your Christmas card while sweating!

Also…it’s never a bad idea to have a fun blanket – you can use it to sit on for some seated photos, and you can also use it to wrap yourself up in during those in between moments of a photo session! Some of my favorite pictures are of a group or family snuggled up in a blanket!

So go ahead and schedule your session during this crazy weather time in Texas that we call “Spring”! Who knows…you might hit the jackpot and get a beautiful, sunny day here in Texas. Or, it might rain… Either way, it’s best to go ahead and start planning your family photos. Spring time is headed this way!

If I can help you out with some family photos or pictures of a special event, you can find me over at Paula Mason Photography. Let me know how I can help you.

Until next time….

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