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Start printing out some of your family photos now, and I’m certain you will be thanking me one day. We all take so many photos of our kiddos, right? And most years we all take some family photos at some point during the year. And everyone has a cell phone these days, and everyone is constantly snapping away getting pictures of kids at the pool, at soccer games, at dinner, winning a school award, and so much more. But how many of you are actually doing something with those pictures?

Well, besides posting them to social media? I am totally guilty of this too. I not only take pictures of my kids with my cell phone (all the time), but I also chase them around with my “real” camera. I have lots of framed pictures on the walls in our house, but I very rarely printed them just to have physical prints. And I regret that…

My goal for 2022 is to continue to take as many pictures as before, but this year I plan to print more too! I don’t just mean order a bunch of 4×6 photos to shove into junk drawers, but print them in a more meaningful way. I am pretty good at printing physical pictures of big events, but not so great with our every day and routine activities.

This year, I plan to change that. My favorite way to display photos is on a bulletin board. I have many hanging on the walls throughout my house, and this is where I tack up photos to display. I ran out of wall and table space for framed pictures a long time ago.

So now I use bulletin boards to display my pictures. Some giant bulletin boards and some small ones. They work perfectly! And I can easily change them out when I get tired of them. It also gives me a reason to buy cute thumbtacks!

Did you know they make cute thumb tacks? Well…they do. I found some really cute ones on Amazon! I am also a huge fan of all the different types of photos books you can easily order these days. It’s not as good as a print that you can hold, but it’s the next best thing.

I cannot tell you how many people have commented on the books I have on tables throughout my house. Some small, some not so small, just documenting different occasions we have enjoyed. I love Chatbooks, because they are generally sort of small, and most of mine just have pictures, no captions or clip art. Very simple…

I also have several from Shutterfly. These are more intense and time consuming to create, as they have captions on many pages as well as cute clip art and borders. I love both of them, but the Chatbooks are so simple to make, because all you have to do is upload the photos. They do all the rest.

As a former scrapbooker, I miss placing family photos into cute little frames with fun stickers surrounding them, but who has time for that these days? Not me, so when I’m out of room on my bulletin boards and in my photo albums, I resort to creating a photo book.

Links to My Top Five Photo Book Websites

  1. Shutterfly
  2. Mixbook
  3. Printique
  4. Amazon Prints
  5. Chatbooks

These are just a few of the sites that offer photo books online. Do you have a place you use to create yours that I missed? I’d love to know about it if you do.

I started thinking more about this as a good option for what to do with all the pictures I take after reading an article titled The Best Photo Books in 2022 on the Digital Camera World website. It helped me realize that I need to up my photo book game! I can’t print out everything, so this is the perfect idea for me. The list in the article is similar to mine, with just a few differences. Definitely a few new websites for me to check out.

If it’s time for you to update your family photos so you have some new ones to print out, I’d love to help you. You can find me over at Paula Mason Photography! Just send me a message and let me know what memories I can capture for you! And don’t forget to print out some of the family photos that we take at your session!

Until next time…

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