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Is it time for some updated family photos? Where should you take them? If you haven’t been to Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve in Plano, it’s time to lace up your hiking boots (or running shoes) and head on over! I was there last week for a hiking adventure, with my camera in tow of course, and I had forgotten what a beautiful place it is.

As you pull into the parking lot, you see the beautiful recreation center. It is such a nice facility. I don’t use it often, because it’s the trails (paved and not so paved) that I am interested in. And it is a perfect backdrop for family photos!

Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve is Plano’s largest park. It is 800 acres of about 8 miles of concrete trails and 5 miles of soft dirt (often muddy) trails following along Rowlett Creek. As much as I love the nice, clean paved trails, it is the “off-road” trails I prefer. It’s almost like being on a vacation from this bustling city. Occasionally, you can hear traffic (or lawn mowers), but for the most part, you can relax with all the wonderful sounds of nature!

If it’s zip lining and exploring the area from the perspective of up in the trees, then you should definitely check out Go Ape, right there at Oak Point Park! If you hike on the unpaved trails, you will see some of the exciting zip lines and tree top ropes courses running throughout the tree tops.

I’m definitely interested, but being afraid of heights makes zip lining a bit of a challenge. However, I did recently learn that you can Kayak or Paddle-board right there in the pond at Oak Point from dawn until dusk. Just bring your kayak or paddle-board and you are all set. That’s next on my list. I just need to strap my kayak to the top of my car and head over, I guess…

But as far as family pictures go, there are several good options. The trails, of course are amazing. And in the Fall, the leaves are beautiful. The building is also pretty, and has a few spots you can sit for photos as well. Behind the visitor center is a nice pond with several places to stop for family photos.

It’s just a matter of walking around to find the good light. And when you have kids with you, that is the fun part. Exploring just a little bit to find the locations you like for your family photos. You can choose – trees with beautiful leaves, bridges, paved walkways, dirt paths through the trees, and a beautiful pond! What else could you ask for?

If I can help you out with family photos at Oak Point Park (or at a location of your choice), you can reach me over at Paula Mason Photography. Just let me know what you need!

Until next time…

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