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One of my favorite things to photograph has always been my own children. They are the reason I am in this business! I bought my first “good” camera once my son was born, and that is when my obsession with photography began. I had no idea that an obsession with sports photography would begin just a few short years later…

Taking pictures of them as babies and toddlers was fun, but once they started sports, I knew I had found something I really loved! In fact, I still have a few of the first pictures I took of my son playing baseball. I was so proud of the shots I got with my “good” camera, and when I look back on them now, I cringe…

My how times (and cameras) have changed. These days, one popular photo option I offer on my website is my Sports Photography Session. I offer two different packages: an action shots package (at a live game/match) and a posed team & individual photos package. I like them both, but there’s nothing quite like capturing a kid doing their thing: blocking a soccer ball from going in the goal, making a great catch at short stop, wrestling their opponent to the ground, or making the perfect tag at home plate!

Of course, I don’t always get those shots. You have to be in the right place at the right time, and that is not always the case for me. But when you get the shot, it’s always amazing. Running around from sideline to sideline or from home plate to the outfield is challenging, but I love every minute of sports photography.

Some of my most cherished photos are the ones of my kiddos doing their thing. And they’ve done it all. I have pictures of them swimming, playing tennis, soccer, baseball, dancing, and much much more. I also have lots of photos of them posing at their activities for team photos, but my favorites are the actions shots – when they don’t know that I’m there taking pictures.

Capturing the expression of a goalie stopping the soccer ball just before it crosses the line. Or a baseball player making the perfect tag for the third out! How about an epic lay up shot in basketball? Or a wrestler, when he knows he had the pin and he looks up at his mom who happens to be sitting right next to you! Those are the moments to cherish.

So why sports photography? I do it because I love it. But I also do it because I know parents love seeing pictures of their kiddos doing their thing. I also do it because nothing is greater than walking into the gym and hearing the kids say “Oh good…the camera lady is here again!” Or getting a text from your Highschool son saying “The guys want to know why the pics from last night’s game aren’t uploaded yet”!

If I can help you out with a sports photography session, you can find me over at Paula Mason Photography! Doesn’t matter what the sport is, me and my camera can find a way to capture some special moments for you and your little athlete!

Until next time…

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