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Should you bring your pets to your photo session? Absolutely! Bringing pets to your photo session guarantees some big smiles and some crazy, fun outtake shots!

I often get the question “Is it okay if we bring our dog(s) to our photo session?” Of course it is! In my house, our furry and feathered friends are part of our family, so of course it makes sense to take some pictures with them.

This past Christmas, we took our annual picture in front of the tree with all of us and my Mom, along with our dog, Bella, and my daughter’s bird, Gizmo! It’s one of my favorite pictures because we’re all represented. Well…everyone except the fish.

So if you have a pet that is dear to you, be sure you bring them to your photo session. Yes…it will add an element of crazy to your pictures, but in the end, it will be worth it. In my time as a photographer, I have had many fun and exciting animal sessions.

Of course, the most popular one is a session with the family dog(s), but I’ve done quite a few with some unexpected animals. So far, I’ve had sessions with a pig, some sheep, a cow, 3 dogs at once, and a cat. That’s pretty fun, right?

I often use my daughter’s bird, Gizmo to test lenses. When they kids are at school, I don’t have any models to use, so Gizmo fills in. It also gives me a chance to test out the animal eye auto focus system. I prefer people, but it’s good to have Gizmo when I’ve no other options.

The easiest animal photo sessions are always those when there is a “handler” present at the session. Someone who can take care of the animal(s) in between pictures and when we’re ready to take some pictures without the pet!

I have tried on several occasions to hold a leash and take a family photo without the pet. It rarely turns out. I have too many buttons to push and details to watch when shooting to keep up with a puppy. So if you have a good friend or a parent who’s willing to be your fur babies handler, be sure you bring them to your session, so the puppy can take a break.

If not, we’ll figure it out! I promise you’ll be glad you brought them! Let me know if I can help you with some family photos of you and your fur babies!

Until next time…

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