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Working with high school seniors is always so much fun! Especially when some of your interests are the same. And at this senior session, I got to brag on my skateboarding skills that I had once upon a time…

I met Kyle and his mom for the first time at our session, and it was like I had known them both for a while. What a fun, relaxing evening I had with these two.

As I’ve told you before, hearing all about the plans and dreams of these seniors and about what’s to come in their next chapter is always so fun for me. The energy they bring to everything is wonderful to see.

We had talked all about school, and all of the places he was considering for his next adventure, but the real fun started when we got set up to take some pictures of him at his pickup truck. When he dropped the tailgate down, there it was…a wonderful Nick Merlino skateboard sitting right next to a red and black Ripstick.

I asked him why he had been hiding his awesome skateboard up until now, and he said he didn’t know he could use it in the pictures! What?? I immediately told him about my G&S Street Cruiser I had when I was young and all the crazy stickers on the bottom of the deck. If we had been somewhere other than a gravel parking lot, I might’ve just jumped right on his skateboard and ridden off into the sunset.

And guess what…G&S is still around. You can read all about the epic skateboard I had on their website. Go check them out at Gordon and Smith!

Then the conversation went to Ripsticks, and somehow we ended up talking about my unicycle. I’m pretty sure Kyle is now on the hunt for a unicycle after I threw down the challenge for him to learn to ride one. If an old lady like me can ride one, he certainly can!

Which ever school ends up getting this kid is so lucky. What a wonderful young man! He was so kind and respectful (and fun) during the entire session. And the love he has for his mother was so great to see! I know she will miss him next year when he’s away at school.

As he drove off to his grandparents at the end of the session for cheese pizza and to change some light bulbs for them, I thought to myself “I sure hope my son turns out as great as this kid”!

If you’re ready to schedule a senior session, you can find me over at Paula Mason Photography.

Until next time…

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