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Senior photo sessions are always so much fun, and I’ve had a few lately that have been quite out of the ordinary for me. This one with Conner was no exception. I met Conner on his farm, where I met his dog, Dolly, and his pig, who we’ll just call Pig! And of course he hauled Pig to the farm in a trailer pulled by his amazing pick up truck!

I was looking so forward to this photoshoot. Not only did I have a fun, new location to discover, but I was meeting Conner and his animals for the first time. His farm is about 45 minutes north of Allen, and it was such a nice, peaceful drive out there on a quiet Sunday morning.

I was hoping to see lots of barns on the drive out, but barns seem to be harder and harder to find these days. You know what I’m talking about – the old, run down red barns that you often see along the two-lane highways? There were a few, but not nearly as many as I’d hoped to see, and I didn’t see any red ones. Guess I’ll need to drive out a bit farther to find some good barns to photograph.

But guess what I discovered when I drove up to Conner’s farm? You guessed it…a nice little red barn on the edge of the property. I was so excited!! Something about barns and the way they look as a backdrop for photos, you know? This one was perfect.

So here I was. On a perfect little farm on a quiet, country road, with a perfect little red barn for a backdrop, and a wonderful senior who brought along some of his awesome animals!

I have always had a fondness for pigs! Not sure why, but I was always excited to see them at the State Fair, and as a child, I collected little pig statues and stuffed animals. So being this close to Conner’s sweet pig was so fun. I was amazed at how he handled Pig! It was much easier to get photos of Pig than I thought it would be. Pig stayed right by Conner’s side the entire time during the shoot. I thought Pig would run off like dogs often do, but not Pig!

And what about Dolly? Oh my goodness…a giant teddy bear! It’s always fun to me to watch puppies interact with their human. I know it’s hard to believe Dolly is a puppy, but she is. Just about a year old. A precious giant. What a lucky girl to have Conner and his family loving her!

Talking with Conner was great. He’s not sure what his next chapter is about, but I’m almost certain it will involve animals! Conner had such an easy way about him. A total calming effect on the animals! It was fun to watch him interact with him. Some of the in-between moments I caught of him with his animals were my favorite shots.

I’m so happy his parents gave me the opportunity to capture some special moments of Conner during this time. Senior year is so fun. And even though it has been a bit strange this year due to all the COVID restrictions, I am happy to still be able to get out and photograph these kids!

Until next time…

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