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A senior photo session in Downtown Dallas? Hmmm….wasn’t sure I was qualified for this one, as I had never been down there for a photo shoot. I grew up in Dallas, but my visits to downtown were minimal, and certainly never for a photoshoot. I wasn’t sure where the best places to shoot were, what the light would be like, and certainly wasn’t sure which areas would be safe and good for photo sessions.

Nevertheless, I was excited for this opportunity! Luckily, this shoot was for a friend’s son, so I would be exploring the area with someone I had known for a while. I didn’t have to worry about getting lost with strangers… As it turns out, we did not get lost (well, maybe a bit), but we were able to find some really fun places to take pictures.

The photo shoot was in the middle of the afternoon, so the sun was blazing, and on this day, the wind was crazy! We started off at a really cool bridge in Dallas with a view of the skyline. It was a great spot for photos. The sun was bright, but we did the best we could, ended up getting some really cool shots, and moved on to our next stop, The Fabrication Yard.

If you haven’t heard of this, you can read all about it in my blog post titled My First Trip to the Fabrication Yard. It is definitely a place you’ll want to see if you’re from this area. The colors here are so vibrant, and it’s just a really cool, unique place for pictures. I just wish it was a bit closer to where I live.

I think that the top level of parking garages might be my new favorite spot for photo sessions! That’s where we headed next. Think about it – there are never cars parked on the top level. It’s usually wide open, just as it was for this session. We had the entire top parking level to ourselves. Now the sun was a bit challenging, but there were enough buildings creating shady spots that we were able to find areas for some great photos.

I think I’m gonna have to explore this idea some more. Are there any parking garages in Allen that would have a view as great as the one in Dallas? Definitely worth looking into…

After the parking garage, there was still a bit of sunlight left, so we headed over to a green space in the middle of downtown. I was worried about this area. It was getting late, and the sun was setting, so I wasn’t sure if any light would be getting to the green space with all the very tall buildings surrounding it. It was pretty dark in this space, but I just dropped my shutter speed and hoped for the best. I love the pictures that we got in this area.

I feel like I saw more of downtown Dallas during this photoshoot than I ever did growing up. When you’re looking at a place with a photographer’s eye, you see things so differently. I’m looking forward to going back again sometime for another shoot and to continue exploring that area. I think Deep Ellum is next on my photo shoot radar…

I’m so happy that Ryan and his mom trusted me to get some good shots to document his senior year. It was really fun spending the afternoon with them down in Dallas. It was great being with someone you know on a shoot in a new location. And Ryan was very patient with me as I tried to navigate the lighting situation (and the wind). I’m also glad that his mom knew her way around the downtown streets better than I did! So many one way streets down there…it gets a bit tricky to navigate.

Congratulations on your graduation, Ryan! I’m excited to hear all about your next chapter! If you have a senior and need to schedule a senior photo session for some pictures to document this special time, you can reach me over at Paula Mason Photography.

Until next time…

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