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I discovered the magic of the peanut feeder a few years ago when my friend told me I needed one to go with all of my bird houses and feeders. I had never heard of them but was certainly curious. I ordered one right away. That was the beginning of getting nothing done each morning right after I filled my peanut feeder.

I’m always so entertained watching the Bluejays try to get the peanuts out of the feeder, that I end up just sitting in the window and watch until they empty it (which is usually only about 10 minutes – sometimes less). Besides an occasional squirrel, the only bird interested in the peanut feeder, at least in my backyard, is the Bluejay.

Bluejays are not only beautiful, but fun to watch. They swoop in so quickly, (try to) grab a peanut, and then fly off to a nice, safe spot where they can enjoy their bounty. If I’m lucky, they head to a spot on my fence so I can watch them eat their snack.

It’s so funny, because most times, they seem to swallow the peanut whole. Other times, they will spend some time hitting the peanut on a tree branch with their beak to crack it open. At times, there are 5 or 6 Bluejays waiting up in my tree for an opportunity to land at the peanut feeder.

There is definitely a “pecking order,” and those that go last, often times end up without a peanut. Some are better than others at successfully grabbing a peanut from the feeder as they cling to the small tray at the bottom while the feeder swings back and forth. Very entertaining…

If you like Bluejays as much as I do, or if you just like watching birds do their thing, then a peanut feeder is something you need to invest in. Bluejays are my all time favorite bird for many reasons, and I enjoy watching (and photographing them) while they are playing in the trees in my backyard, waiting on their turn at the peanut feeder.

Do you have a peanut feeder? What’s your favorite bird/bird feeder? If there’s one I need to add to my collection, let me know. Always hoping to attract more birds to my backyard. My favorite peanut feeder comes from Wild Birds Unlimited, but you can find all different shapes and sizes on Amazon, too. Happy birding!

Until next time…

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