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As I began thinking about this busy family photo session season, way back right as COVID started in March of this year, I thought for sure that things would be back to “normal” by the time families started scheduling family photo sessions for holiday cards.

I had no idea that the most popular photo this year would be a family photo where everyone in it was wearing a mask! I also never thought I would ever take a family photograph with people holding rolls of toilet paper to remind us all of the shortage of everyday household items we’ve all experienced. What a crazy year this has been for sure, but luckily, we are back to a place where we can schedule and move forward with family photo sessions.

In May, sadly, I had to cancel several sessions due to COVID restrictions on small businesses, and I’m so glad that we’ve been back in business for a while now. WIth masks on, and the fact that my sessions are all held outdoors and are socially distanced due to the nature of family photographs, I feel pretty safe moving forward with my family and senior sessions.

There have been so many fun ones this holiday season. People are working hard to spread some holiday cheer while still acknowledging this crazy pandemic we are living through right now. I’ve had everything from ugly Christmas sweaters, families in masks, holding toilet paper, photobombing mom & dad, and some simply jumping for joy!

We will get through this mess, and all of these fun family photos will hopefully bring a smile to your face as you read this! This is just a small sampling of what I’ve seen this season! If you are interested in an updated family photo for 2021, please reach out to me through my website!

Happy holidays to you all, and cheers to a “normal” 2021!

Until next time…

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