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I never knew that Chester, my little camera monkey would be so loved by someone (besides me). Several little ones have been intrigued by Chester, and it always helps younger children know exactly where to look during sessions, but this time, Chester found a new best friend.

After every couple of photos, little Ayaan came over to my camera and chatted with Chester, loved on him a bit, and wanted to see all the photos I had taken. Chester was the perfect way to get Ayaan to look right at my camera. These cute little life-savers are perfect if you are shooting a session with young children.

I chose Chester for this session, and as it turns out, Ayaan is a big fan of monkeys, chimps and apes! It worked out perfectly. I also have a giraffe, and a cute little reindeer for sessions during December.

For this particular session, the weather was crisp and cool (cold for Texans), and the area we were in was perfect for a little toddler to explore all the beautiful nature surrounding us. I couldn’t have asked for better weather and lighting, or for a better family to photograph.

It was a beautiful morning, and I am so happy I was chosen to capture some special moments for this wonderful family. Chester and I miss them already, and we hope to see them again soon for another photo session! For now, I’m going to give Chester a little break and give Rudolph a chance to have some fun with these kiddos…

Until next time…

P.S. If you need a Chester for your camera, or one of Chester’s friends, check out the link below for Shutter Huggers!

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