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Family photo time snuck up on me this year! With all the crazy COVID stuff going on, I wasn’t sure I’d get to take many holiday card photos this holiday season. I always love meeting new families and taking their photos, especially when the family is as wonderful as this family I’m writing about is. We met at a local college and had more fun taking pictures, roaming around different areas of the campus looking for the best lighting and backgrounds.

The three boys were so well-mannered and willing to put up with my endless instructions on how to sit, how to stand, how to put their hands in their pockets, and all the other things I say during a session…

And what can I say about that bow-tie? Oh my goodness…I’ve never seen something so cute! Made me wish I had put my son in a cute little bow-tie when he was younger. What a great look! They smiled the entire time and struck the perfect poses for family photos! They spoiled me… All I had to do was click the shutter button – they did the rest.

My favorite part of the session was the discussion about the Happy Meal that my youngest little friend was going to get if the photo shoot went well! Very exciting, right? I mean, who doesn’t love a Happy Meal! And after the way these boys behaved all throughout the session, I hope all three of them got a Happy Meal! And an ice cream cone for dessert. Even Mom & Dad behaved well enough for a Happy Meal. What a pleasure this session was.

I’m happy that this family trusted me to capture such a fun moment in their timeline! Watching my littlest friend look up to his big brothers was precious! You could just see how much he loved them and wanted to be just like them. Doesn’t get much cuter than this crew…

If I can help you with family photos, don’t hesitate to contact me about arranging a photoshoot.

Until next time…

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