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I had another fun football session with a couple more Allen Eagles the other day. I just love taking their photos at the stadium. They just beam when they are sitting on the stadium steps, holding their football. All the fun times they’re thinking about as they sit there bring big, sincere smiles to their faces. The smiles that shine straight through their eyes.

It’s fun when they’re willing to share some of their fun stories, and it’s fun to watch them smile and laugh when they’re chatting with each other about funny things (and awesome wins) that have happened to them during their time with the Allen Eagles.

At this particular session, I met Caden, the punter for the Allen Eagles, his younger brother, Cale, and their friend Maddox joined us as well. The session was a breeze for Maddox, as he had already had one football session with me. You can read about that in my blog post titled My 3 Favorite Allen Eagles.

Well…I guess I need to amend that post (at least the title), because now I have 4 favorite Allen Eagles! And I’m even more excited to get to a game this season to watch my friends Caden, Maddox, Haden, and Andrew play some football.

Caden was such a nice young man, once again making me feel really good about the decision to move to Allen and send my kids to Allen Highschool (eventually)! He and Maddox (and Cale) were such good sports, always willing to pose. Our only mishap was when his dad tossed the football to him while we were on the railroad tracks, and he missed it! It splashed right down into the water.

Fortunately, Caden and Cale were determined to get their football back, and after some careful climbing around on the banks, they were able to retrieve it! I’m very glad, because I’m the one who asked dad to “toss him a football” for the picture I was about to take! Oops….

Now that I have my 4 favorite Eagles, I am more ready than ever to see some football! Let’s go, Eagles!

Until next time…

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