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I had the pleasure of taking pictures of this beautiful girl to celebrate the start of her senior year a few weeks ago! What a fun session. Even though it was very, very hot and muggy, it was a perfect senior session! We met at Adriatica Village in McKinney, a nice little spot with cobblestone streets that make you feel like you’re in a quaint little village on vacation.

The architecture is amazing. There are lots of charming buildings and houses scattered around the area including the Bella Donna Chapel, the Bell Tower, and a beautiful fountain. And all of these wonderful buildings and landmarks are surrounded by a nice, serene lake. Couldn’t ask for a more perfect backdrop for senior photos.

On this particular day, it was very hot outside! Luckily, sweet Ainsleigh showed up with her Mom, Dad, and sister, who all helped lug clothes and equipment around Adriatica with us. And her sweet Dad would run and get the car for us, so there was a nice air-conditioned spot to change outfits and cool down in between locations.

My favorite little cobblestone street, where I was hoping to take a few photos of the whole family, was a wind tunnel on this particular day. But no worries, this group was easy going, and happy to walk around with me searching for other perfect spots for our photos. We found many…

I always love taking a few shots with the little chapel as the backdrop, but sadly, we were not allowed inside the chapel, even though her Mom asked very nicely. Apparently, you have to rent that space out for bridal events and photoshoots!

Walking along the cobblestone streets with this family was so enjoyable. It gave us time to chat and get to know each other as we discovered some wonderful little homes with gates that made perfect backdrops for Ainsleigh’s pictures. And we learned very quickly not to lean too heavily on some of the gates – they aren’t all locked!

My favorite part of the entire photoshoot had to be taking the photos of Ainsleigh playing her violin. I was hardly able to get the pictures taken, as I was mesmerized by the beautiful music coming from her instrument. Oh my goodness…

As a non-musical person, I was absolutely amazed by this. What a talent. Not only was she able to play while smiling for the camera, but we were also dealing with some serious wind gusts. But she was not distracted by any of it. She just played on… Too bad I don’t have a video of her playing embedded in this blog, then you all could enjoy it like I was able to.

In my opinion, it was a perfect photoshoot. How hard can it be to take great photos of such a beautiful girl? Just point and shoot. Nothing else for me to do. Ainsleigh’s a natural! I’m excited to hear all about her senior year, and will be waiting for updates from her Mom on how she is doing. And we’re all hoping that she will be live and in person at school before too long, so she can enjoy her senior year the right way…

Just as we were finishing up, the cold front was moving in, along with some stormy weather! We finished just in time. Best of luck to Ainsleigh and all the other seniors hoping to enjoy a “normal” last year of high school!

I’m thankful, Ainsleigh, that you all trusted me to take your senior photos! I loved meeting you and your wonderful family. Working with you was such a joy. You are a natural! Best of luck, Ainsleigh. Enjoy your senior year!

I love taking senior pictures, and would love to work with you to get the perfect shot of your graduate. Let me know if I can help.

Until next time…

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