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After several months of all the COVID-19 stay at home quarantine craziness (without playing baseball), we are finally free to hit the fields again! As much as I enjoyed spending time just hanging out with my family over the last few months on the weekends, I was really ready to be back at the ballparks chasing #7 around with my camera.

Bam! Safe at first base!

I didn’t realize how much I missed watching him play and taking pictures of him and his teammates. This was our first time to be in a pretty large crowd of people trying to practice our social distancing while still socializing. It was pretty strange, but once the games began, everything seemed normal…almost!

Even though things are different with all the new rules of how to interact with groups of people, it was sure great to be back out doing something “normal” after all these months at home. In fact, I was so happy to be out watching baseball and taking pictures that I didn’t even complain about the heat. Well…not much anyway…

My sports photography skills were kinda rusty at first, but luckily, it’s like riding a bike. Once I got to snapping photos, it all came back to me. Looking forward to many more sports filled weekends in the coming months!

If you’d like to get some action shots of your player, check out my sports photography sessions. I’d love to help you capture some memories.

Until next time…

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