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This morning we were a bit late to “school,” because we decided to go on a little field trip! What a great decision! We’ve all been trapped inside our homes lately due to COVID-19, so having a reason to get out was exciting for us. We were heading out to watch the Blue Angels fly over Texas Health Presbyterian, the hospital down the street from us.

We drove over to an open field behind Wal-mart near my house, jumped the curb and parked in the middle of the field, along with a lot of other families from the neighborhood. We all stayed in our own cars, of course, maintaining proper social distancing while enjoying this special occasion.

How wonderful it was to watch the Blue Angels fly over our hospital to honor all the people working so hard to keep us safe and take care of those who are sick! Sometimes, a quick little field trip like this is better than anything we can learn in school, and I’m so glad my family got to experience it together.

We got a little taste of what an air show would be like, and now we’ve added that to our bucket list. And…panning my camera to follow something moving that quickly is not as easy as it sounds. I’m used to following my kids on the baseball and soccer fields, but since sports have been cancelled, I’m way out of practice!

I desperately need to work on this, so once we are done with social distancing, I plan to head out to an air show to practice these skills and hopefully soon, I’ll be chasing my kids around on the fields once again!

I hope many of you were able to get out and see this wonderful event. It was a great start to our day! God Bless America and all of the superheroes who are working so hard to see us all through this strange time.

Until next time…

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