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Been hanging around my yard a lot more lately with all this crazy social distancing, so today I decided to fill my peanut feeder and watch the Blue Jays do their thing. They are so entertaining! They are so focused on the newly filled peanut feeder, that they don’t even notice me standing close by with my camera.

This morning, there were about 5 Blue Jays attacking my peanut feeder. It’s so fun to watch them hang out in the tree waiting for their turn at the feeder. Some of them are experts at grabbing a peanut so quickly that I can’t even capture their photo. Those are fun to watch, but don’t blink or you’ll miss them. They grab their peanut and fly off to a nearby tree to enjoy their snack, and it seems I’m rarely ready with my camera for these guys!

My favorites are the Blue Jays who swoop in after watching the peanut feeder from the fence. They take their time looking very carefully at all the different peanuts, and then they grab the one they’ve chosen. Those Blue Jays are easy to photograph, because they hang out on the feeder while inspecting all the peanuts looking for that one special one.

There are also the young Blue Jays who aren’t very skilled at grabbing a peanut out of the peanut feeder! They’re so funny to watch. A lot of the time, those Blue Jays leave empty handed, and have to come back for a second attempt. Sometimes, they give up and wait on the ground for someone to drop one! But eventually, it seems that they all get at least one peanut because usually within 15 minutes, the feeder is empty!

Then, the next morning, they are always ready to start this process all over again! Endless entertainment, for sure! What birds visit your yard? Do you have a feeder up? I highly recommend getting a peanut feeder if you love Blue Jays! But be prepared…they LOVE peanuts and go through them very quickly…

Until next time…

See…if you wait on the ground long enough, someone will almost always drop one!

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