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I was so excited about this photo shoot with one of my good friends and her daughter. The two of them planned to get all dolled up and have some pictures taken and printed out for Dad’s office wall as a Christmas gift! What a great idea!

We were sitting at dance class when she mentioned it to me, and I thought it sounded like fun. I was curious who was taking the pictures for her, and when she told me she was planning to have a friend come take them (probably with a cell phone), I just about fell out of my chair!

I told her that it wasn’t okay for her to be my friend and have “real” photos taken with and printed from a cell phone! So we began to talk about locations, outfits, the best time of day for photo shoots, and I realized I had just scheduled my first Mother/Daughter Session.

Poor Lauren was freezing once the sun starting setting, so we decided to take some pictures wrapped in the nice, warm blanket they brought!

We decided to meet at Adriatica Village in McKinney. If you haven’t been there, it’s a great place for photos – family photos, senior sessions, headshots, or anything you need. It’s a beautiful area just a few minutes north of my neighborhood!

The first afternoon we were supposed to meet, the wind was howling and it was really cold. When she sent me a video of herself standing outside in the wind with her hair blowing like crazy, we decided we should postpone the shoot.

Because as we all know, windy photo shoots are tough when both of your models have long hair. Sadly, she did not give me permission to post the video! Not yet, anyway…

When we finally met, it was still pretty cold outside, but the sun was shining, so there was good light and not much wind at all! We were ready! I thought everything went great.

She and her daughter were all dressed up in their fancy clothes (and awesome shoes), and I think we got some really cute photos of the two of them.

You’d never know that it was too muddy to go near the water, there were construction crews and cranes all around us, as well as several horse trailers parked and so many horses tied up. We guessed that it was probably because Christmas carriage rides would be starting soon.

We were able to work around everything, and I think we got in and got the pictures taken just in time before the crowds headed over for carriage rides and hot chocolate. What a fun session this was!

I need to find someone to take some photos of me and my daughter like this – she would love to get all dressed up for a “real” photo session with fancy clothes and high-heeled shoes. Pictures like this make the perfect gift for an office wall!

And of course, this is probably my favorite picture from the photo shoot! Peace signs and duck lips. Doesn’t get much better. Pretty sure this is the one they chose to print and frame!

Not my thing to be in front of the camera, but it sure looked like Kristen and Lauren had fun. Maybe I’ll consider it… Wonder if she’ll let me borrow her heels?

Looking forward to another mother/daughter session sometime soon! Until next time…

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