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Another hot, humid weekend in Texas filled with baseball games at a tournament in Mesquite (with a soccer game mixed in just to spice things up)!

We headed out to Mesquite, and of course I had my camera bag packed and ready to go. When we arrived, I realized this would be a different kind of shooting experience, as the area for spectators was elevated above the playing field.

Typically, I prefer to shoot sporting events from the ground. Not sure why, but I just like the shots I get from a low angle better. I wouldn’t be doing that today.

Time to try something new. I had my trusty Sony 70-200 lens on my camera, and I began looking around for the best spot to shoot from. Shooting from up above turned out to be kind of interesting.

One thing I loved about shooting from a bit higher was all the shadows of the players that I was able to capture. Kind of fun, for a change.

I still prefer shooting from a low vantage point, but this was nice for a change. I think I got some pretty good photos of Zach and his teammates. My favorite shot was at the end of the tournament.

Zach’s team took first place, and we all met on the ball field to hand out rings to each player. After they all had their ring, I had them sit in a circle with their hands (wearing the rings) all together in the center.

This was a totally awkward shot, because I wasn’t really tall enough to shoot this picture, and unfortunately, no one was carrying a step-stool with them.

I tilted my screen as best as I could (still couldn’t see much), crossed my fingers, held my camera up high, pushed the focus button and took several pictures, hoping at least one of them would turn out.

Several turned out pretty good, but what I didn’t see at the time of the picture because I couldn’t see my display very well (it was very sunny and hot), was one boy’s shoe in the center of the circle with the Nike logo smack in the center of the rings.

Had I just shot photos for a Nike advertisement? I think so! Maybe I should Tweet this photo out to them.

This might be the beginning of my career as Nike’s official youth sports photographer. It could happen… I’ll let y’all know if Nike contacts me.

Until next time…

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