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For several years now, I have been taking pictures of my kids at their soccer and baseball games with my Sony A7 RIII using my 70-200 lens. I would say that this is easily my favorite out of all my lenses!

However, as my kids continue to grow, so does the size of the fields that they play their sports on. This season, both of my children have moved up to a bigger field for their respective sport.

Suddenly, my favorite lens might not be enough. The Sony 70-200 lens is still my favorite, but does it have the reach that I need to shoot on these large fields? What do you think?

After trying to shoot across the entire soccer field on Saturday at my daughter’s game, I realize that it might be time to test out my Sony 100-400 lens for sports.

I’m not a huge fan of this lens, mostly because I love my 70-200 so much. I have been spoiled by its f-stop of 2.8. But I think it’s time to test out the 100-400 and see what it’s made of. Is it fast enough to keep up with Zach?

For soccer, I’m only battling a larger field size and the occasional crazed fan standing in my way, but for baseball, not only is the field bigger, I also still have that darn fence to contend with.

Maybe next week I’ll be brave enough to leave my trusty 70-200 lens at home and shoot only with my 100-400. I’ll let you know how it goes. And I would certainly be willing to test out a fixed 600 lens if anyone has one they’d like to loan me.

What lens do you use to shoot sports? Let me know. Until next time…

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