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Sports photography has been a passion of mine since my son started t-ball back when he was 4 years old. These days, you can find me following him with my camera at all of his baseball games. It is one of my favorite things to do.

It’s a good thing, because he plays a lot of baseball. And most of his games are during the day when I get the best light for action sports. Sadly, this great sunlight also comes with great heat!  

Love it when I’m able to capture the players and the ball as it approaches!

The temperature during this particular weekend got up very high. Typical for July in Texas, so we were prepared. And the Texas humidity to boot! Oh my…

My son’s team was playing in the DFW World Series tournament, and unfortunately, we were not able to order up nice, cool weather for it. Lots of Gatorade, cooling towels, and coolers full of ice helped us survive the heat…

Even with the heat, photographing sporting events is one of my favorite things.  I hope someday my son is playing for the Texas Rangers, or some other MLB team.

When this happens for him, I hope he’ll be able to get me a press pass that allows me onto the field.

How nice it would be to capture shots of him and his team without having to figure out how to shoot through the chain link fence…a constant battle…

Until next time…

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