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Driving up the winding roads in Rocky Mountain National Park was so much fun. Mesmerizing, in fact. Often times, there would be a bit of a road block, usually because of some Elk sitting or grazing in a pasture off to the side of the road.

It was always a great opportunity to stop and get some great photos. I have many! On this particular day, we were driving back down from the Continental Divide, and encountered another back up of cars.

There were many more than usual this time, so Mark slowed the car way down so I could try and get a good look. As soon as I saw what was out there, I hopped out of the car with my camera and ran across the road where all the other onlookers were to try and get a good photo of a Moose!

Yes…a Moose! And yes…I had hopped out of the car without my shoes. But how often do you get an opportunity to photograph a moose, right? Totally worth it.

I started out at a safe distance from the moose, but as he continued to roam through the trees eating snacks, he got closer and closer to where I was “hiding.” In fact, so close that at one point, I considered high-tailing it back to the car.

I decided it was smarter for me to stay safely hidden behind the tree and wait for him to pass. And fortunately, there were so many people there with me taking photos (with their cell phones), I felt certain that I could out-run at least one of them should either of them charge.

I shot non-stop hoping at least one or two pictures would turn out. Focusing was difficult because not only was I shaking, but I was so hidden behind trees and bushes, that I did not have a very clear shot.

Once my memory card in my camera filled up, I pulled out my cell phone to get a little bit of video just in case the pictures didn’t turn out. Pretty cool, huh?

And then I heard “Mom, did you get a good picture?” It was my husband and kids standing behind the guard rail watching the moose from a safe distance. I headed back to the car and began to tell them all about my short and amazing adventure.

Photographing this moose in Rocky Mountain National Park is an encounter I won’t soon forget! I’m looking forward to my next visit to Colorado. Who knows what I’ll see.

Until next time…

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