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Historic Downtown McKinney is one of my favorite places to go hang out, walk around, shop a little bit, and have a nice meal with family. The shops are unique and fun to browse, and all of the restaurants I’ve eaten at have been wonderful.

Recently, I had my first Senior Photoshoot there. I’m very familiar with the main square, and I know where several cool brick walls are, some graffiti walls, and some neat spots where the sun hits just right for a great photo.

I was so happy that AK was willing to pose on this old tractor. This is one of my favorite pictures from her photoshoot!

I had the pleasure of taking Senior photos for a young lady who has played friend, babysitter, and role-model to my daughter who is “besties” with her little sister.  I was certain I’d get some good shots of her in McKinney.  

And boy was I right.  Perfect weather, perfect light, lots of perfect spots to take pictures, and a beautiful, sweet, and smart senior as my subject!  I was excited for this adventure, and I was ready!

What I wasn’t ready for was the crowds of people there who were also taking photographs. I thought I had discovered a great little place for pictures, but little did I know, many others had also discovered this place.

It was really fun to see what others were doing for their shots while I was taking mine. It was a great experience. I learned a lot. I learned that patience is needed while you wait for cars to pass. And patience is also needed when someone else is in the same spot you had in mind.

But you need the most patience when people hanging out on the square walk slowly past looking in shop windows and then stop right behind the subject you’re photographing to try and figure out what you’re doing. Even with all of that, I’m ready to go back and do it all again!

And when you have AK as the subject of your photoshoot , getting amazing photos is easy. What a fun afternoon/evening I had with AK and her mom!  So now, Historic Downtown McKinney is not only a favorite place to shop and eat, but now it’s a favorite spot for Senior Photoshoots!

What a wonderful experience, and what a wonderful young lady!  Look out Baylor…AK is headed your way!

Until next time…

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