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In between our crazy rainy season and this really cold spell we are currently experiencing here in Texas, I had the opportunity to do a short, impromptu Senior Photo session with this beautiful girl.

You know how you encounter people sometimes who were clearly meant to be in front of the camera? Well, this girl is one of those people. This was one of the easiest photo sessions I’ve ever been on. And on top of that, what a beautiful day it was…

During most of my photos sessions, I spend almost the entire time talking with my client(s) about where to stand, where to look, and where to put their arms/hands. Most people are just naturally a little bit uncomfortable in front of the camera.

This session was different. It was like she’d done this a million times before. Her movements were all so natural and comfortable. I never once had to talk to her about relaxing or looking off in the distance. She just did all these things naturally.

It was the calmest, quietest shoot I’ve ever been on. Basically, I just followed her around and snapped pictures when the lighting was just right.

Our next stop with this girl…the ball fields to take some photos of her in her softball gear! I’m very excited about this next adventure with her. Should be lots of fun. I’ll let you know how it goes. Until next time…

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