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My first official engagement photo shoot with my Sony A7R III is one I won’t soon forget!  It all began when my niece’s boyfriend called me to tell me that he planned to propose to my niece.  I was so happy when he shared his good news.  Then, he proceeded to ask if I would like to take pictures of the proposal!  How exciting and scary all at the same time.

It was all I could do to keep my camera steady at this moment! My heart was SO happy!

The one catch…he did not want my niece to know that I was there taking photos. I would need to figure out a way to stay hidden.  Wait, what?  How was I going to pull this off??

“Look at that lady!  Wonder why she’s crouched down by the trashcans?”  “What is that lady doing hiding in the bushes?”  “Look at that weirdo spying on that cute young couple!”

Based on the looks I was getting that night at the photo shoot, I’m sure these are some of the things people were whispering about me as they walked by watching me creep around the pavilion ducking behind trashcans and crawling through bushes.

But I had to do what I had to do to get the perfect photo of my sweet niece being proposed to, right?  If only I’d had someone videoing me crawling and creeping around that night.  I’m sure that video would go viral…

After she said YES, he popped open a bottle of champagne! At this point, she still did not know I was there taking pictures!

I felt very fortunate to have been asked by my niece’s fiancé to come take pictures of him proposing to her on Saturday night at a park in Frisco.

I was so excited, nervous, and honored to get to be a part of this special occasion.  But the part about staying hidden was making me nervous!

Hiding in the bushes to watch the big event would be one thing, but hiding during all of this and taking pictures?  I was hoping I was up for this challenge!

Before this night, I had never taken photos at an engagement before, much less, taken photos at an engagement where I had to be hidden from sight!  Another nerve-wracking part of this is that I knew I only had one chance to get it right.

If I botched the photos, I couldn’t ask them to re-enact the special occasion so I could re-take the pictures.  So this was it…one chance only.

Fingers crossed that I was up to this challenge, especially given the fact that I was shooting with my new Sony A7RIII that I had only been using for a few weeks.

It all turned out just like I hoped it would, and my Sony A7RIII did not disappoint!  I had a wonderful time being there with my niece and her fiancé, and all the pictures turned out great!

I was so happy for them, and I was happy for myself that my very first engagement photo shoot was a success.  What a night!  I won’t ever forget this one.

And the smile on my niece’s face once she saw me hiding in the bushes was worth every single bug bite I got that night!  Until next time…


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