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I had the pleasure of taking senior pictures for Hunter a few months ago.  What a fun experience to get to know this talented high school senior.  My daughter’s teacher asked me if I ever took senior photos for people, and I told her that my experience was somewhat limited, but I would be happy to take pictures for her.  I had only done a few senior photoshoots at this point, but I felt confident that I could get her some photos that she would love.

We talked about what she might want, and also about what Hunter might want.  He was a very well-rounded student in high school, so there were many ways we could go with this photoshoot.  We chose to focus on his sports, so I had him bring his letter jacket, his state championship ring, a football, and a basketball to the shoot.

Hunter also brought 2 shirts so he could have 2 different looks in the photos, and I almost always have them bring a baby picture.

Make sure you get at least one picture of your senior in one of their college shirts! Go Razorbacks!

We met in a field in Allen for the first few photos, where we took a few pictures and chatted a bit about what kind of pictures he wanted, how many, posing, etc…  After that we headed over to the railroad tracks.

The graffiti tracks is one of my favorite spots in Allen, because these tracks are out of service, and they are covered in fun, colorful graffiti.  It always makes for a fun backdrop for photos.  The sun was perfectly placed in the sky for just the right light!

But if you head over there for pictures, be careful.  Some of the things people write are a little questionable.  You might not want some of the language in your photos…

After a few railroad track pictures, we decided that since he was such a great football player, we should head over to the Allen Eagle Stadium to see what kind of pictures we could get there.  I knew we would not have access to the field, but I thought we could find something that might work for Hunter.

And guess what…we did.  It turns out, that a few of my favorite pictures of this session were taken on the steps of the stadium!  I could tell how much he loved football!  Sitting on the steps of the stadium, he just lit up.  I could tell this place had been a very special part of his high school career.

Don’t worry, I didn’t miss the focus! We wanted a shot that focused on his awesome championship ring!

Hunter was such a good sport.  He never complained once about me taking so many pictures.  I think he knew how happy these pictures were going to make his Mom, so he relaxed, smiled, and went along with all of our crazy ideas!

There you have it…another successful senior photo shoot!  Until next time…


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