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Nothing makes me happier, than an unexpected adventure with my camera.  Today, I found myself with a little bit of extra time after running errands, and fortunately, I had put my camera bag in my car, just in case…  I had been having a conversation with one of my friends about interesting locations for photo shoots in this area, and she mentioned a place in Parker, Texas that I was interested in seeing.

I headed down towards the area she had mentioned, and after exchanging a few texts, I finally found it.  Parker Rose Garden Park just off of Parker Road.  I’m always on the lookout for interesting places, especially places that have barns!  Guess what…this place had a barn!  As I pulled in to the parking lot, I could hardly contain myself.  Not only was it a barn, but it was a public barn that I could actually get to.  I didn’t have to shoot this one through the fence like I normally do.  I could walk up to it, walk through it, and take as many photographs of it as I wanted to.

I’m very excited about this place, and I hope I’ll be taking some photos (with people) here soon.  I’ve heard that it’s a pretty popular spot on the weekends, so it will be interesting to see what it’s like with other people roaming around, because today it was all mine.  No one was there – just me and this amazing barn.  The barn is located right in front of a small pond, there is a nice field off to one side, and just across from the parking lot are some cows.  It’s a really beautiful, sort of remote area, but easy enough to get to.

After getting several pictures of the barn, and capturing some photos of a few of the birds near the little creek, I went to take some pictures of the cows.  There’s just something about cows that I like.  They seem so chill most of the time, and always willing to pose for a photo.  They were getting curious about me, and started approaching the fence, but when I tried to take a selfie with one of them, they got a little jumpy and took off in the other direction.  I think they were hoping I had a snack for them.  I didn’t, so there were no selfies on this visit.  Oh well…maybe next time.

I’m so glad to have found a new place for photo shoots.  Parker is definitely a place I’d like to explore someday when I have more time.  I felt like I was in another world while I was there.  It was so nice.  Definitely worth checking out if you’re ever that way.  Until next time…

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