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Another great day lost with my camera, Midnight, and this time I found myself in Melissa, Texas.  I had set off on another adventure looking for barns, churches, birds, or anything else fun to photograph, and this adventure landed me right in the middle of Melissa.

I’ve passed the signs for Melissa many times on my way north on 75, but I have never visited.  So glad I decided to see what it was all about…

The City of Melissa is a quickly growing community Northeast of Allen (where I live), with a population of about 10,000.  If you are curious about other things this little town has to offer, you can visit the City of Melissa Website for more information.

While I was pulled over to the side of the road checking my camera settings, an older couple pulled up next to me with their window down.  The conversation went something like this:

Sweet Couple:  Are you lost?  You look really lost.

Me:  No.  Just pulled over for a minute.

Sweet Couple:  What are you taking pictures of?

Me:  Just looking for barns and other interesting buildings.

Sweet Couple:  Well, that barn right there is ours.  We are in the process of tearing it down.  The house too.

And that was the beginning of my wonderful conversation with my two new friends.  I ended up talking with them for about 20 minutes.  They told me all about their property.  It started at the stop sign, and it extended quite a ways down the street I was on.

I asked them all about their barn, and they told me that no one looking for property wanted old buildings on it.  All the developers were looking for land that had already been cleared.

To read more about this fun morning in Melissa, check out my full blog post called “I MADE TWO NEW FRIENDS TODAY IN MELISSA, TEXAS” on my website Ballcapmom.com.




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